Josh S.

“Another exceptional night when the Holy Spirit came and ministered to us! A great night that I am thankful Hillary Williford and I could attend. Looking forward to next week!” Josh Susie Suther

Kelly N.

“I thoroughly enjoy Don! Thank you Karen for bringing him in the simplicity of the gospel is being revealed on Monday nights that I believe will take us all to a new level of seeing we are ALL called!! Feeling free and empowered to be a vessel that God can work through to set others

Karen C.

“Last night, Don Dickerman gave such a straightforward, God-honoring, eye-opening, soul-freeing presentation of a sometimes hushed and misunderstood subject in the church. Yet Jesus came to set the captive free, and we are instructed and enabled to be free and set others free in His Name. Don helped equip us to do so! As soon as