Stacy O.

My name is Stacy, my husband and I are pastors in Connecticut. Last year my husband traveled to Texas to go through deliverance and was totally set free! Praise the Lord… Stacy O

Nancy P.

I give God continued glory for the changes in my life since I left Texas from my deliverance. The inner peace and inner balance has even affected my physical heart…also my house is not cluttered. I had such a problem with clutter. I even cleaned out my purse on the airplane when I left. I

Jared S.

It has been a month since I went through deliverance. There have been so many changes in my life. No longer am I being tormented with bad thoughts. I am free from condemnation and am free in my spiritual life…I am so blessed from this ministry. Jared S.

Elaine G.

I feel like Paul when he said, ’I give thanks to God for you daily’, I am so thankful for God’s truth at work and your work with Him. I was very expectant when I came because I knew I was struggling and could not get out from under this oppression…ha! I had no idea

Maggie B.

I felt really cared for, it’s been a long time since someone really listened to me…ever. The wisdom you shared with me I will never forget and I will apply it to my life. I never have felt that kind of concern from any pastor or fellow Christian…to be honest I had lost faith in

Tish K.

My experience of deliverance at your ministry was true Christianity in practice. In the past two years I have been eager to experience what I read in the Bible. From 12 years of Catholic school and a very weak and carnal Christian life I now realize that I am just beginning to get hold of

Pat C.

I just wanted to say thank you for all you and your ministry has done for me and my daughter! We will never be the same again!! We finally can sleep thru the night. We have a peace and joy that just keeps flowing out of us. It’s like we just got born again!! We

Barbara W.

The Lord told me some months ago that He wanted me in the deliverance ministry (I did not ask for this). I have learned to obey God’s voice. One author suggested 5 books that helped him the most in learning about deliverance, When Pigs Move In was one of them. I will be 80 next


A friend led me through deliverance. I still chew on the inside of my mouth and wonder if I am still in need of deliverance. Will you add me to the distribution list for the deliverance sessions you have in or around Houston, TX? I would like to attend the next service. Thanks & many


Dear Mr. Dickerman, I was just watching a video on YouTube a guy posted called “how to cast out demons” he referenced your name and website in the video. I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am I found his video, as well as, the video you have posted on this website.