June 17, 2014 After finding and listening to Don online I prayed for deliverance. I felt shaky and couldn’t believe I heard the words “I hate him” when I was listening to Don. I knew something was there but I didn’t know what. After the prayer I felt so relieved and at peace after forgiving


I wanted to write to you to say how deeply grateful…. deeply grateful I am to the Lord for your willingness and positioning to be used by Him to lead me through my deliverance. Deliverance has never been taught in the church circles I have been brought in. I knew something was not right but


I’ve been reading your material & watching YouTube messages. I want to help set Christians free of demon oppression also. Thank you for this ministry! JBizz

Coach Hal

Satan had me blinded to the truth for 60 years. Thanks to you, Don, I know that it is the devil who should be trembling and not us. I just ordered your seminar training material and DVD’s because I believe I am being called to help others as well as be delivered myself. Thank you.


Thank u for your books, for all that you have done to set people free. Our family has forever changed because of the TRUTH you revealed through your ministry. God bless you Theresa

Linda V.

My ministry team is praying about having Don come to Atlanta, Ga. I was so blessed to receive a call back from your office. What encouragement. Love this ministry. Will definitely be sowing into this work and ordering product. God bless. Linda Vega

Chip, Georgia

Why can’t I sleep? There I sat-exhausted, depressed, despairing, anxious, fearful, perplexed and, quite frankly, mad. By no stretch of the imagination am I an expert in spiritual warfare, but with a cup of coffee in my hand and gallons of gloom in my heart, I blurted out, “If there is any demon that is


Thank you, Praise God, and thank you Jesus. Just coughing since waking this morning as I planned since yesterday to sit through your courtroom this morning. A lightness in being now…wonderful. I can see daylight so to speak…the clouds are gone. Your entire information here was exactly what was needed. Robin

Judy L.

Blessings. Your book of pigs in the living room has been of blessing to me. It guides me so much in deliverance. I put your books into practice. God bless you. The pigs are out of my house. I love deliverance. Blessings. Judy Lopez