“You set the time,” Moses, replied…  “I will pray that you and your house be rid of the frogs… Then only the frogs in the Niles River shall remain. And Pharaoh said, ‘Tomorrow…” Ex. 8:9-10

Read that verse again. TOMORROW?  How about right now! The plague of frogs had brought Pharaoh to his knees, he bargained with Moses to get rid of the frogs. Moses said, “You set the time” (NLT)…and Pharaoh said, “Tomorrow.”

Why do we delay the blessings of God? Why do we choose to spend one more night with the frogs? Why don’t we say “Enough”…”I’m ready right now;”  In a day when “time” seems to be more important than anything I was wondering how long it takes to get right with God. How long does it take to be born again. We all have been allotted the same amount of time, 24 hours each day, 1440 minutes every day. Yet, the excuse that is most offered for not getting something done is, “I just didn’t have time,” most often that is not correct. Perhaps more proper would be, “I just didn’t use my time wisely.”

How long does it take to be saved? It takes .003 of a second to pop a balloon. … how long does it take to be saved???

How long is forever? That’s how long salvation lasts. Eternity is forever. Let me answer that first. How long does salvation last? Jesus said, “Whosoever believed in Him would never perish.” (Jn. 3:16) Here’s how long eternity is.  One of the slowest birds I’ve ever seen is the pelican. His 10′ wings just seem to move in slow motion as he struggles into the air. Suppose he is to take each grain of sand from every desert in the world to the sun 1 grain at a time, then every grain from every beach in the world 1 grain at a time, then every drop of water from every river, stream, lake, sea, and ocean, 1 drop at a time. When he finishes all of that, 30 minutes of eternity has expired. Does that give you some inkling of how long it lasts?  The eternal life that God gives to believers through Jesus is for the same length a nonbeliever will spend eternally separated from God. Eternally separated!! Don’t postpone salvation!!

OK, here’s how long it takes to be saved. Got a stopwatch?  How long does it take to read the following? “God, I am a sinner and I need You.  I know I can’t go to heaven as I am.  I need to be saved. I believe Jesus died on the cross and shed His Blood for me.  I believe He lives today, and He loves me.  Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and save my soul. “

Did you time it? What was it, 8-10 seconds? That’s not very long. What a sad, sad discourse for our world. Don’t stay with the frogs.

Some just will never bring themselves to the point of praying that prayer.  Many will spend forever, eternally separated from God, in a place called hell.  Because they refuse to call on the Name of Jesus. There is no other name that brings salvation.

 Actually, salvation does not even take 8-10 seconds, However, long it takes you with your heart to reach out by faith and receive God’s grace, is how long it takes.  To confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead.  Don’t spend one more night with the frogs!

Would you suppose “not having enough time” is a ridiculous excuse to offer God? Could it be that we just want one more night with the frogs…unwilling to repent and turn from sin? 

It is said that a blue shark can swim 1 mile in 140 seconds. You can write a letter in 8-10 minutes; you can pray the prayer for salvation in 8-10 seconds.  E-mails are pretty quick why not send me one and tell me you prayed to receive Jesus as your Savior.  Once you receive Him and know Him you can make Him LORD and Savior.

The frogs in Egypt were the result of a plague, they were everywhere, the result of disobedience to God’s Word. They were everywhere, in the bedrooms, the kitchen, the cabinets, the silverware drawers, the closets, the front yard and backyard. Noisy, slimy.  They were in the beds, a curse as a result of disobedience.

Yet one of the strangest verses of scripture reveals the depth of Pharoah’s rebellion.  When it seems the wages of sin and rebellion were so overwhelming one would surrender to God this verse is recorded…Moses asked Pharoah, when do you want the curse lifted? “You set the time,” Moses, replied…”I will pray that you and your house be rid of the frogs… Then only the frogs in the Niles River shall remain. And Pharaoh said, ‘Tomorrow…” Ex. 8:9-10

Tomorrow? Yes. I want one of more night of living in the consequences of my disobedience to the voice of God.  What? You want to be delivered but not now?  Does that remind you of a man named King Agrippa?  Pharoah and King Agrippa, both men of high intelligence and wise in making decisions.  The great Apostle Paul preached to Agrippa and Moses to Pharaoh.

King Agrippa was “almost persuaded” to surrender but he wanted a more convenient time.  Pharaoh wanted one more night with the frogs.  Wise men often make foolish decisions.

I recall a mother desperately wanting help for her son who had horrible night terrors.  He screams, I go to his bedside, and I bind demons, yet it keeps happening, night after night.  I told the lady to get her husband to do it.  She said that’s the problem, he won’t do it.  He doesn’t want to do that he thinks “demons” are foolish talk. 

Yeah, he wants his son free from the torment, but not enough to get his heart right.  Wise people make foolish decisions.

What is it that will cause a person to make such a foolish choice? It is always pride, Me, bend my knee? Never!  Well, I might when there’s a more convenient time but not now. 

Deciding to surrender always includes rationale, sure, I’ll do it someday, just not now.  The frogs can stay one more night, the consequences of my rebellious pleasure, I’m not ready to surrender though I am woefully miserable.

How many times I have heard this story.  I wish I had done this earlier before it had messed up my kids and my marriage.  I wish my mom and dad had raised me differently and I know it is the way they were raised…I have to break this cycle of disobedience to God.  I have to break the chains.

I don’t want one more night with the frogs!  I’m not putting it off, I’m not waiting for a convenient season.  I want to be free, and I want my family free!

No more nights with the frogs!

Just for Jesus,