Ellen W.

You are serving the Body of Christ in freeing others from bondage and I appreciate that you gave of your time to help free me. After the sessions, I was amazed by how “silent” it was. I was so used to hearing those voices, (talking to myself), that afterward, it was just me and the

Noah and Debbie

Don, We’ll always love you for all of the kind care and true-blue help you have extended to us on many occasions. You will always be a special person to us. The major change of life we’ve experienced is almost overwhelming! The joy does not wear off. It’s been 3 years now since our deliverance.

Stacy O.

My name is Stacy, my husband and I are pastors in Connecticut. Last year my husband traveled to Texas to go through deliverance and was totally set free! Praise the Lord… Stacy O

Nancy P.

I give God continued glory for the changes in my life since I left Texas from my deliverance. The inner peace and inner balance has even affected my physical heart…also my house is not cluttered. I had such a problem with clutter. I even cleaned out my purse on the airplane when I left. I

Jared S.

It has been a month since I went through deliverance. There have been so many changes in my life. No longer am I being tormented with bad thoughts. I am free from condemnation and am free in my spiritual life…I am so blessed from this ministry. Jared S.